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A. Pull-up strength – 3×5 weighted pull-ups, as heavy as possible. If you’re not doing weighted pull-ups, do 3-5 sub-maximal negatives, i.e. if your maximum negative length is 30 seconds, aim for ~10 second negatives. You can do the pull-up as well to get back up, or use your legs to get back above the bar. Scale to foot-assisted ring or bar pull-up negatives.

B. 3 max effort sets of chin-ups (underhand (supinated) grip).

C. With a partner, for time, alternating roles:

5 rounds of:

Row 300 m / double-unders for max reps

Switch roles. (i.e. Partner A does row/skip/row/etc., and partner B does skip/row/skip/etc.  Each person does 5 rows and 5 sets of skipping.)