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Hope you all had a great New Year’s celebration and you’re ready to get back on track! For those of you who are not on Facebook, check out the newest addition to our “Who’s who” page, Tessa P! If you’d like to submit your own answers to the questionnaire, send Robin a note at robin@crossfitsteinbach.com.

A. Snatch balance – At a moderately heavy weight, do 4×2.

B. Overhead squat – 3×3 @ 75-80%. If you don’t have a max, just go for something moderately heavy (not maximal).

C. 6 minute AMRAPs of:

6 KB snatches per arm + 2 laps single KB carry

Rest 90 seconds

6 burpees + 2 laps farmer’s carry (2 KBs or DBs).