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A. 3-position snatch – Do 4-5 sets at working weight (likely 80%+). Beginners do high hang/hang/floor, more advanced people can do floor/hang/high hang.

B. For time:

50 double-unders

21-15-9 of:

Bodyweight deadlift (or 50% of your max, whichever is LESS)

Wall balls

Then: 100 double-unders.

C. V-ups – 3×5-10 reps.

I just got word that the new Zen Planner app has been released, so we’d like you to check that out, and let us know if you have any issues signing in for classes. It appears to be super simple to use. Here’s the link for Apple products (https://goo.gl/rYc4BM) and Android (https://goo.gl/otLWmC). I shortened the actual links because they were horrendously long.