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A. Rack jerk – At a moderately heavy weight, do 2 reps every 90 seconds for 6 rounds.

B. Row 3 km for time.

If you are in a large class and the rowing is being done in heats, work on your handstands while you are waiting. Do 1-3 HSPU OR 1 negative OR 1 wall walk every 30 seconds for 8 minutes (16 rounds).

An alternate for rowing is 10 minutes for max calories on the Airdyne.

If you’re in a really busy class, we will do a partner version of the row, which will consist of 6×1000 m row, alternating every 1000 m. If you’re doing this on the Airdyne, alternate every three minutes (max cal per round).

(I have a couple more rowers on order, so hopefully that will alleviate the problems with programming such a workout.)

C. 4 max effort sets of tuck holds, tuck rocks, or straddle holds. Aim for more seconds or reps than last week.