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A. Double KB front squats – 3×5, as heavy as possible, but of course make sure your position is good.

B. Back squat – 2×10 reps at 60-65%. These should feel relatively easy, and that’s fine. We tested the back squat last week, so we are backing off this week.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

The format will be changed slightly this week so that the presses and rows are using the same approach, i.e. do as many reps on your weaker arm, then match that on your stronger arm.

Seated single-arm DB press

KB/DB rows (Focus on the cue “put your scapula in your back pocket”, and on engaging the lats.)

D. Tuck holds/rocks/straddle rocks. Do more than last week. You should be doing these at least twice a week, and if not at the gym, do them at home.