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This is the last week of the CrossFit Open, and the final workout will be released tonight. Congrats to everyone who has participated this year!

A. 2 rounds of the following complex, using a light weight, increasing on the second set: 3 hang snatch pulls + 3 muscle snatches + 3 snatch balances. If you’ve gone to the Olympic weightlifting classes, you’ll recognize this one from Aaron’s programming there.

B. Snatch – 5×2 at working weight. Increase weight only if your technique is solid.

C. 3 rounds, not for time: 1-3 wall walks (if these are easy for you, add in 5-10 shoulder touches on each rep)

Max effort pull-ups with a 2 second pause at the top (scale to ring rows).

D. 3 max effort sets of bent-leg ring support. Scale to the dip bars. Keep those shoulders anchored down!