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IMG_3708<– **Just an update for those of you not on Facebook: Melissa P. had a baby boy this past weekend. Lincoln weighed in at 8 lb 6 oz, and he and mom are doing just fine.**

Bring a friend or family member out to any of the regular classes today, and you can do the following workout with them!

A. Same as Monday of last week. Aim for more reps than last time.

Pull-up strength – Choose one of these ring row variations and do 4 max effort sets, aiming for 5+ reps. Even if you can do strict pull-ups, you will still find some of these to be quite challenging.

  • Hinge rows – Starting in a ring row position, keep your hips stationary, and pull your torso into a vertical position.
  • Horizontal ring rows – Focus on driving the elbows towards the floor.
  • Bulgarian ring rows – These are an advanced variation where the elbows and wrists are kept in line with the shoulders (video).

Regardless of which variation you choose, do them smoothly and with control.

B. 3 max effort chin-over-bar holds (assisted with feet on the ground for rings, or on a box for the bar, if necessary).

C. With your partner, 10 minute AMRAP of:

20 medicine ball tosses (with a squat)

20 sit-ups (link feet with your partner)

10 plate touch burpees.

All numbers are total reps between you and your partner. Sit-ups can be scaled up with a medicine ball.