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A. Bench press – 4×5. Go as heavy as you can for this rep scheme. Try to increase from the last time you did this (April 20 or March 7).

B. With a partner, alternating roles, for 16 minutes:

1 lap sled pull (facing away on the way there, facing sled (with a row) on the way back)

1 lap suitcase carry (1 heavy DB or KB).

Sled weight should be approximately bodyweight for men, 2/3 bodyweight for women.

***Just as a heads up, there seems to be a problem with signing in for classes on the website. It appears to only be an issue with logging in on a computer. The smartphone app works fine, by the looks of it. If you are trying to sign up for a class tomorrow, just send me an email and I’ll reserve a spot for you. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.