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P1120073<– We had a great turnout, and great weather for the Canada Day team workout!

A. Rope climb practice (work through these sequentially):

  • Accumulate 3-10 rope climbs, depending on your ability (scale to rope pulls from floor)
  • 3 max effort sets of rope pull-ups (from a dead hang, both hands on the rope, do a pull-up) (may be done with a foot assist if needed)
  • 3 max effort sets of easy ring rows

B. Handstand practice (complete each one before moving on):

5-10 wall walks

3 max effort handstand holds (30 second lat stretch in between sets)

5-10 kick-ups, focusing on just barely touching the wall with your heels (or not at all, ideally).

C. Push-up negatives – 3 x max effort (5 second negative – come back up on knees if necessary). Scale up to parallette push-ups if needed.