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**Come on out and watch Lisa, Annick, and Roxanne compete at Starke CrossFit (in Winnipeg) for the Starke Games on Saturday and Sunday! More info here.**

A. Spend 5 minutes working on tall snatches.

B. 4 sets at your working weight of: 2 snatch balances + 2 overhead squats. Let technique guide your choice of weights, as we want to focus on dropping quickly under the bar for the snatch balances.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

5 single-leg deadlifts (as heavy as possible, increasing weight from last week if possible)

5-15 shoulder taps per side (in wall walk or handstand position)

1-3 rope climbs (substitute rope pulls from the floor if needed).

D. If you have time, attempt a max unbroken set of double-unders.