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A. Back squat – 1×20 reps (@70%+), increasing weight 5-10 lbs from last week. This is the final week for 20 rep squats, so congrats on sticking with these! Hopefully you’re just a little bit tougher mentally now… or maybe just more bitter. Either way, you survived, so good job!

B. Parking lot sprints – Warm up well and complete 10 sprints from one end of the parking lot to the other. Rest while walking back to the other end. I can’t emphasize the warming up part enough. Don’t just do a lap of leisurely jogging, and say, “Okay, I’m good to go.” You’re not. You want to be warm and loose before you hit these, and even then, take the first few reps to gradually increase your speed. Overall, you want to run fast (for you), but not necessarily an all-out running-for-your-life-from-a-large-jungle-cat sprint.

C. Sandbag run – Load it up and run either 400 m or 6.5 laps in the parking lot (these are the same distance, only the parking lot has a whole lot more turns).