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**Bring a friend out to any of the regular classes today, and you can do a partner workout with them! Give us a heads up as to when you’re coming with a friend.**

A. Pause front squats – 4×3@65-70%. (Spend 3 seconds in the bottom position, and try to come out the bottom without bouncing, i.e. just smooth acceleration up.) For beginners, we will scale to goblet squats or double-KB squats.

B. With a partner:

10 minute AMRAP of:

10 plate touch burpees (synchronized)

20 (total) pull-ups or ring rows

20 (total) sit-ups (scale up to med ball sit-ups)

(For the pull-ups and sit-ups, partition the reps as needed between you and your partner.)


5 minute AMRAP of:

Max distance sandbag carry (may be done outdoors).