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A. Press – 4×5@78% (or increase weight from last week).

B. Partial strict presses – Do 3 max effort sets, working only from forehead height to lockout. You may use a push press to get the weight up to start your first rep. Your weight should likely be about 65% of your max press. These are a good pressing variation to work on handstand push-up strength.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

5 heavy weighted lunges per leg (2 KBs/DBs, or front rack BB)

Max effort dips (rings, bars, or assisted)

5 weighted pull-ups, then release weight and do max effort unweighted pull-ups

To scale the pull-ups, pick a hard pulling movement (for you) and do 5 reps, then immediately switch to an easier variation and max out on that movement.