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**Just a reminder of the Bring-a-Friend day taking place tomorrow (Wed Oct 5). Share the love for your workouts!**

A. Back squat – 3×6@65%. (These are intended to be fairly light.)

B. Front squat – 3×6@65% (of max front squat).

C. Some gymnastics skill work, spending 5 minutes on each: Shoulder rolls (good progression here)and headstands. If you are comfortable in a headstand, get creative with your leg positions, work on different ways of entering the headstand, etc.

D. 3×10 presses into thoracic bridge (start from ground and press up into the bridge). Elbow bridges are an option if your shoulders and t-spine are tight. Alternate with 3×5-10 T push-ups, aiming for smooth controlled movement, with active shoulders.