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**Bring a friend out to any of the regular classes today, and you can do a partner workout with them! Give us a heads up as to when you’re coming with a friend.**

A. Pull-up strength work:

  • 3×5 strict “perfect pull-ups” (see this video for a demo). Scale to Bulgarian ring rows. A harder variation is shown here. You may also scale these by using a barbell and doing rows underneath that.
  • 5 pull-up negatives – make them as looong as you can.
  • 3 max effort sets of supinated (palms up) body rows underneath a barbell. These are similar to ring rows, but using a bar in the squat rack rather than using rings. Relax the shoulders (protraction) at the bottom of the movement, and pull your chest to the bar, focusing on maximum retraction (pull shoulder blades together) at the top. Your set ends when your form starts to break down. If these are easy and your form is perfect, raise your feet up on a box and/or lower the barbell to increase the difficulty.

B. With a partner:

10 minute AMRAP of:

10 plate touch burpees (synchronized)

10 (each) partner medicine ball tosses

10 (each) sit-ups (scale up to med ball sit-ups)


5 minute row for max calories (switch every 20 calories).