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A. Skin-the-cat practice. Aim for 3 sets of 3-5 continuous, controlled reps. Finish with 3 reps of a 5-20 second German hang. Some good progressions can be found here, from the folks at Gold Medal Bodies (link).

B. 15 minute AMRAP of:

5 ring dips (scale to ring push-ups, parallette push-ups, or tough regular push-ups)

10 pistols (5 per leg)

15 swings

30 double-unders.**

**We had some people with pretty sore calves last week after the 10 minutes of DUs. Make sure your ankles stay relaxed as you’re jumping, and that your heels gently touch the ground on each jump. This allows your foot arch to act as the spring it is, and taking some of the load off your calves and Achilles tendons.