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A. EMOTM (every minute on the minute) for 9 minutes:

Minutes 1-3: 3 push presses

Minutes 4-6: 3 push jerks

Minutes 7-9: 3 split jerks.

This is the third week for this complex, so hopefully you’ve done this once or twice already. Starting weight should be roughly 70% of your max push press, but you may go heavier if needed. Try to go a bit heavier than last week. This may mean adding weight right from the start, or you may add some weight for the push jerks and/or the split jerks.

B. You might have seen this one coming, as we’ve been progressing towards it for a couple of weeks now.

With a partner (if needed), 5 alternating rounds of: 1 minute on the rower or Airdyne bike. Rest 1 minute, or rest while your partner works.

C. 4 max effort sets of supinated (palms up) body rows underneath a barbell with a 31X3 tempo, i.e. 3 seconds to lower down, 1 second at the bottom, eXplode (quickly) up, 3 second pause at the top.** Relax the shoulders (protraction) at the bottom of the movement, and pull your chest to the bar, focusing on maximum retraction (pull shoulder blades together) at the top. Your set ends when your form starts to break down. If these are easy and your form is perfect AND you’re getting more than 5 reps in a set, raise your feet up on a box and/or lower the barbell to increase the difficulty.