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A. Handstand practice:

  • Hollow/arch practice on the floor and hanging from the pull-up bar
  • Hollow body practice in wall walk position
  • Kick-ups to free-standing (wall or partner assist)
  • 3 sets of max effort shoulder taps (facing wall, or facing away)
  • 3 sets of max effort push-ups while in hollow body (ideally on tops of the toes)

B. Pull-up strength:

  • 3×5 weighted pull-ups (sub negatives)
  • 3 max effort sets of chin-ups
  • 3 max effort sets of supinated body rows

C. 5 sets of max effort farmer’s carry (HEAVY). We are going for distance with these. We will pull out the farmer’s carry bars, for those of you need more of a challenge. Rest as needed between sets. Challenge yourself. (Tip: If you’re getting 5 laps for your sets, you need to go heavier.) Your goal (perhaps down the road a bit) is bodyweight in each hand.