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A. Handstand push-up practice:

  • 5-10 HSPU negatives OR 4×2-5 HSPUs. Scale to piked push-ups, which may be done on the floor, or with parallettes (for an increased range of motion), or do them with your knees or feet on a box. There are many variations, so find one that challenges you.
  • 3 max effort handstand holds (facing wall, in hollow position).
  • 3 max effort sets of 1 1/2 rep push-ups. Scale the angle of the movement as needed, or scale up to ring push-ups if you’re getting 10+ reps on the floor. Use a controlled pace.

B. Alternating with a partner for 5 rounds (i.e. each person rows 5 times), one person working at a time:

Row 250 m

10-15 unbroken wall balls (pick a number and stick with it)

Switch roles.

C. Tabata hollow (scale to tuck) rocks. Last week we did holds, so this week we’ll do rocks.