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A. Back squat – 4×5@82%. (We are testing next week.)

B. Every 90 seconds until you have completed 5 rounds at each station (15 total):

First 90 seconds – 1-2 rope climbs

Second 90 seconds – 5-8 pistols/leg

Third 90 seconds – 1-3 wall walks.

For logistical reasons, we will have you start at different stations. We are aiming for 30-45 seconds of work at each station, so choose your reps accordingly.

C. 3×10 side over arches per side (video). Scale to your forearm if you’re not able to actively support yourself on an extended arm. Do NOT just rest on your shoulder joint – actively push down into the ground with your support arm. Scale the reps if necessary. Arch hard at the top.