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A. Pull-up strength:

  • Beat swing practice – A nice drill to help keep your feet together is to hold a rag between your feet as you swing.
  • 3×5 weighted pull-ups (as heavy as possible). Scale to negatives with 3 scapular pull-ups at the bottom of the negative.
  • 3 max effort chin-over-bar holds (supinated grip).

B. From Nov 30 2016:

10 rounds for time of:

1 lap farmer’s carry (heavy)

1 lap overhead KB/DB walk (you will likely need a lighter weight that what you’re using for the farmer’s carry)

For the farmer’s carry, you should be able to complete the lap unbroken, but it should be challenging to do so. For the overhead walk, you will likely be alternating arms with each lap. Do each arm equally, obviously.