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A. Rope climb practice:

  • 5-10 rope ascents (scale to pulls from the floor, and practice your footwork on the rope)
  • 3 max effort sets of rope pull-ups (from standing, or from a seated position with legs in straddle)
  • 3 max effort sets of supinated body rows at 31X3 tempo.

B. From March 8 2016:

With a partner, for time:

Row 1000 m (alternate every 250 m)

60 push-ups / other partner sits in bottom of squat while not doing push-ups

60 pull-ups or ring rows / bottom-up KB hold (video)

60 overhead plate lunges (45/25) / bar hang

60 Russian KB swings / plank hold on hands

6 laps partner carry (total).

One person works at a time on the first movement, and the other person performs the second task.