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A. Deadlift – 5×3@65-70% (increase weight 10-20 lbs from last week). Tempo will be 51X1 (5 second negative, 1 second at the bottom, eXplode up (fast), 1 second at the top).

B. KB clean and press ladder  – Starting at 1 clean and press per arm, work your way up to 5 reps, and then back down to 1. You can set the KB down between numbers, but not between arms. So your first couple of rounds would look like this:

1 C&P right + 1 C&P left


2 C&P right + 2 C&P left



This is not for time, but keep your rest time fairly minimal.

C. 10 laps suitcase carry (heavy KB or DB).

D. Accumulate 50 V-ups.