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A. 4 rounds of max effort bent arm hangs (aka chin-over-bar holds) – These will be done with a partner, who will do one of two things, depending on how strong your pull-ups are. If you can hold your chin over the bar for 10+ seconds, your partner will gently tug on your feet (picture this as if they were trying to get your attention) and release. The idea is briefly overload the pulling muscles so that you are forced to pull harder to maintain your position. If you have difficult holding your chin over the bar for 10+ seconds, your partner will briefly unload you by lifting up on your feet, and then release the assistance. In this case, when your partner lets go, this is the overloading part of the exercise. Continue this until you cannot maintain your chin-over-bar position, and then switch roles.

B. Bat wings – 3×5 (heavy) with a 5 second hold at the top of each rep. Retract those shoulder blades! Alternate your sets with some thoracic bridge practice. If you  are proficient with the bridge, try hip taps (alternate taking one hand off the ground and touching your hip with your hand).

C. 10 minute AMRAP of:

16 barbell push presses (95/65)

8 pistols per leg.

Compare to August 13 2016.