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A. Handstand practice:

  • Frog jump practice – This is leading into the next step, so take a few minutes to work on this. See video here. If you’re reading this on SugarWOD, check out the workout blog on our website for the link.
  • Frog jump into handstand – Some good cues here are to push your chest through (open your shoulders), and to think about getting your hips close to the wall.
  • 3-5 wall walks or wall runs (wall runs – the gymnastic term for what we’ve previously referred to as shoulder touches). Do these facing the wall, in a good handstand position.
  • 4 max effort handstand holds (back to the wall).

B. From the CrossFit mainsite on May 22:

3 rounds for time of:

Row 250 m

12 snatches (65/45)

21 push-ups.

If you’re thinking, “is that it?”, you are underestimating this workout. The goal is intensity. The rowing intervals should be fast. If it takes you 5 minutes to do 21 push-ups… scale them.