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A. Push press – 6×3@80-85%. Focus on a vertical dip and drive, and an explosive drive upward on the bar.

B. Row 5 km for time. If we don’t have enough rowers, the alternatives are: 20 minute bike for max calories, or if you’re brave and dressed for it… a 2 mile run. If (and only if!) you are new, we may consider modifying the distance to 3 km. This will be at your coach’s discretion.

Build that mental toughness! Settle in, focus on efficient, consistent technique, and you’ll get through it. Some of you may want to consider lowering the damper setting a bit for a long row like this.

Compare to Nov 4 2017, Feb 1 2017, or Oct 27 2016 (the last two of those were 3 km rows with an option to upgrade to 5 km).