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A. Pulling strength

  • 5 max effort sets of ring pull-ups (optional false grip and pause at the top) – Scale these to smooth, controlled hinge rows
  • Beat swing practice on the rings OR if you aren’t doing pull-ups yet, do 4 max effort sets of banded lat pulls (either on your back on the floor, or standing and pulling down). Make sure you use one of the thicker dowels.

B. For time, 12-9-6-9-12 of:

Barbell ground-to-overhead (115/85)

Tuck jump burpees

Scale barbell weight to 95/65, or 75/55, or up to 135/95.

This should be relatively quick, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your weight. The goal here is to practice efficient barbell cycling.

C. 3 max effort sets of:

Hollow or tuck rocks

Side arch holds OR scale to side plank.