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A. Pulling strength

  • 3 max effort sets of ring pull-ups (optional false grip and pause at the top) – Scale these to smooth, controlled hinge rows
  • 3 max effort sets of ring dips (try to get deep in your ring dips, but listen to your shoulders as well) – Scale these to ring push-ups, parallette push-ups, or regular push-ups.
  • Beat swing practice on the rings OR if you aren’t doing pull-ups yet, do 4 max effort sets of banded lat pulls (either on your back on the floor, or standing and pulling down). Make sure you use one of the thicker dowels.

B. With a partner, alternating every 5 reps for a 12 minute AMRAP:

40 single arm DB push presses / overhead DB hold

40 double DB front squats / front rack hold

40 DB rows / hold in the bottom of the row with an active shoulder.

(Basically, Partner A does 5 reps of a movement while Partner B does the hold, then roles switch, until a total of 40 reps of the movement are completed. If someone needs to rest, both partners rest.)