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A. Pause front squats – 5×5 @ 60%, using a 13X1 tempo (3 seconds in the bottom).

B. 3 rounds for time/reps, alternating with a partner:

Row 500 m

Max effort push-ups (in one set – it doesn’t have to be continuous, but you cannot come out of the plank position, or your set ends).

One person works at a time, so the second person will start when the first finishes their push-ups.

Compare to April 25 2017, April 25 2016, Nov 17 2014, Sept 2 2014.

C. 3 max effort sets of strict toes-to-bar negatives, i.e. tuck into a ball on the way up, and then extend the legs on the way down. Aim for 3-5 seconds on the way down. If you can’t get right to the bar, that’s fine. Just extend your legs from however high you can pull them up, and work from there.