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A. Alternating for 5 rounds:

  • Single arm DB bench press, as heavy as possible for 8-12 reps. Please note that you may need to go lighter than you would for a double DB bench press, because of the stability aspect.
  • Single arm ring rows OR bent over DB rows. Aim for 8-12 reps for these as well.

Shoot for more reps than last week, or increase the weight slightly. OR… do the reps more slowly. More time under tension will build more strength.

B. “Musical Rowers”

For 15 minutes, as a team (i.e. everyone in the class):

Set up rowers for all but one person (e.g. if there are six people in the class, set up 5 rowers), and one sled on the turf. As a group, the goal is to accumulate the maximum number of calories possible BUT the sled must always be kept in motion. This will take communication and coordination. As a team, you can either have each person do a fixed number of sled laps, or have some people do more laps.


  1. Everyone must take a turn on the sled.
  2. The sled can’t be stopped for more than 10 seconds at a time (at the turnaround, or on transitions between people). It can move slowly, but it must move.


Set up the foot straps on the rower to a generic position that mostly works for everyone, and the same with the damper setting.