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A. Pause front squats – 5×5 @ 65% (up from last week), using a 13X1 tempo (3 second pause in the bottom).

B. For time:

30 DB snatches (50/35)

50 double-unders

30 DB overhead squats (1 DB)

50 double-unders

30 DB push presses (1 DB)

50 double-unders

10 laps heavy suitcase carry

50 double-unders.

Scale the DU number to something appropriate to your skipping skills. This workout is not intended to be 30 minutes of skipping and whip marks. The DB overhead squats are a challenging movement, so some of you may need to modify the range of motion, or scale to light barbell overhead squats. The rep numbers are totals, not per arm. Break up the reps as you see fit.

C. 3 max effort sets of strict toes-to-bar negatives, i.e. tuck into a ball on the way up, and then extend the legs on the way down. Aim for 3-5 seconds on the way down. If you can’t get right to the bar, that’s fine. Just extend your legs from however high you can pull them up, and work from there.