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A. Handstand practice:

  • 2 laps slow bear crawl with active shoulders – Try to get your hips as much above your shoulders as you can. Scale this up to a bent arm bear crawl (hips still high). This takes a bit more strength to do.
  • 5-10 kick-ups, focusing on gently touching the wall (or better yet, not at all)
  • Every 45 seconds for 10 rounds, do a slow HSPU negative to an abmat (or two). Scale to the piked position if needed. Go for control here. If you’re not controlling the bottom part of the movement, go to a higher target (i.e. 2 abmats), or switch to piked push-ups. Advanced athletes may try deficit negatives.
  • EMOM for 8 rounds: 10-30 second handstand hold, resting for the remainder of the minute.

B. In teams of 3, for 90 seconds work, 30 seconds rest/transition:

3 rounds of:

a) Max calories on the rower

b) Max calories on the bike

c) Max double-unders.

Report your team total for each station (i.e. total rowing cals, total bike cals, total DUs).