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**Bring-a-Friend day is today, for all of the scheduled regular classes!**

A. Front squat – 2 @ 80, 80, 85, 85, 85%. Beginners will do sets of 5 with a kettlebell or a lighter barbell.

B. 2 max effort front rack holds at 95% of your max front squat. We are working on postural endurance here. Unrack the bar, take a very small step back, and just hold the bar in as perfect a front rack position as you can manage. When your posture starts to break down, re-rack the bar. The 95% is just a recommendation. Feel free to go heavier if needed.

C. With a partner, for a 12 minute AMRAP:

Row 500 m (each do 250 m)

50 single-arm DB push presses (use a different weight than your partner if needed) – partition work as needed

50 ring rows or pull-ups

Run 3 laps of the turf (stay together).

Challenge yourself on the DB push presses, as you’re only going to be doing 12-13 reps per arm per round.