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A. Pull-up strength, EMOMx15:

Min 1-5: Max strict ring pull-ups in 25 seconds

Min 6-10: Max controlled supinated body rows in 25 seconds

Min 11-15: 10-30 second hang.

Aim for more reps than last week if possible.

B. With a partner, for a 14 minute AMRAP:

60 single DB overhead squats (50/35)

40 STRICT (no swing, no bounce) knee raises (pull your knees to your chest if you’re able)

60 DB suitcase lunges

40 partner V-sit medicine ball tosses.

All reps are totals, so partition reps as needed (except for the last movement, which will be alternating). For the V-sit med ball tosses, sit facing your partner with your knees bent and only your butt on the ground. Gently (!) toss the med ball to your partner. Try not to touch down with your legs or arms.