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A. KB clean and press ladder  – Starting at 1 clean and press per arm, work your way up to 5 reps, and then back down to 1. You can set the KB down between numbers, but not between arms. So your first couple of rounds would look like this:

1 C&P right + 1 C&P left


2 C&P right + 2 C&P left



This is not for time, but keep your rest time fairly minimal. Try to come to a full stop between your clean and the press, i.e. don’t make it into a thruster or push press. Compare to June 11 2017 or April 8 2017.

B. With a partner, with a 15 minute time cap:

Row 1500 m, alternating every 300 m / suitcase KB hold (heavy-ish, or use the Fat Gripz to increase the challenge)

50 push-ups, alternating every 5 reps / plank hold (ideally on hands)

50 plate ground-to-overhead, alternating every 5 reps / overhead plate hold

100 air squats, alternating every 10 reps / bar hang.