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A. Pull-up strength, EMOMx15:

Min 1-5: Max kipping pull-ups in 25 seconds (sub 1-3 negatives – these will be fairly fast descents obviously)

Min 6-10: Max barbell rows in 25 seconds

Min 11-15: 15-35 second active (shoulders engaged) hang. Aim for longer hangs than last week, if possible.

B. “Grace” – 30 reps of clean and jerk for time at 135/95 lbs.

Scale down to approximately 70% or less of your max clean and jerk if needed. Compare to Sept 11 2017, May 13 2017, May 11 2016, June 11 2015, Dec 17 2013.

C. Accumulate 2 minutes in a single-arm plank (on your forearm). Feet should be about shoulder width, hips should be square to the ground, and the supporting shoulder should be active. Bring the non-working arm to your side and make a fist to help your body generate more tension.