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A. Pull-up strength, EMOMx15:

Min 1-5: Max kipping pull-ups in 25 seconds (scale to foot-assisted bar pull-ups, or scale up to bar muscle-ups)

Min 6-10: Max barbell rows in 25 seconds (increase weight from last week if it’s reasonable to do so)

Min 11-15: 15-35 second active (shoulders engaged) hang. Aim for longer hangs than last week, if possible. Change it up by using rings if you want.

B. For time:

18 hang squat snatches (95/65, or scale as needed)

90 double-unders

12 hang squat snatches

60 double-unders

6 hang squat snatches

30 double-unders.

This should be fairly quick, so scale the DU numbers if needed. Snatches should be fairly light.

C. Accumulate 3 minutes total in a single arm plank. Feet should be about shoulder width, hips should be square to the ground, and the supporting shoulder should be active. Bring the non-working arm to your side and make a fist to help your body generate more tension.