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As it turns out, the zoning issue is apparently a non-issue. A gym is classified as an “indoor amusement” in zoning lingo, and as such is actually permitted under the existing zoning in the area. So, a bit of misdirection and a couple of weeks later, things are back on track. Hopefully with that out of the way, we can bump up the opening date a little sooner.

We got our first delivery of equipment from Rogue last week, and it’s currently sitting in our garage. Well… not quite all of it. Some of the toys have somehow made their way into our basement until the gym opens up. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a crash mat in their basement?

More equipment will be arriving in the coming weeks. If there is anyone out there who has the use of a pickup, and with an afternoon to spare some time in November, let me know. The equipment in our garage will have to be shuttled over to the gym location once we get possession. Food and adult refreshments are on me.

Now for a first look at the empty box that will be the gym.

Yep, that is actually the colour it is painted. I was thinking of leaving it pink. Thoughts? Maybe we can paint the pull-up rig a nice lavender colour.