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I know I’ve mentioned to a few people that we might be opening in the month of November, but realistically December 1st is looking like it’s more feasible. I’ve been waiting on some additional gear to come in, and because of a bit of unilateral decision making on the part of the supplier, that gear will not be arriving until late next week. There is a movement seminar the weekend of November 24th which I will be attending, and I’m excited to pass on the knowledge gained from that weekend.

For at least the first couple of months of our operation, because we will have to bring most people up to speed on the movements involved in CrossFit, I think the majority of our classes will be directed towards beginners. I do want to run perhaps one class a day for people who are familiar with CrossFit and are able to jump right in. I’d like to do a little informal survey here, either in the comments or through e-mail, as to what class times you’d be interested in seeing. My general plan was to have a couple of classes in the morning, potentially a noon(ish) class, and a couple of classes in the evening for weekdays. Saturdays will likely consist of a couple of mid-to-late morning classes and/or an open gym time. Classes will be one hour in length.

So if you could send me a quick note with the following info, that would be awesome.

1. Familiar with movements of CrossFit?   y/n

2. Class time wish list, i.e. days of the week, times of day.

3. How much you love burpees, on a scale of 1 to 10. (Answering is optional, but I promise burpees may just come up at point during future programming.)

E-mail me (colin@crossfitsteinbach.com), or if you’re not shy, responding in the comments section is fine too. I’ll pool everyone’s responses and mush them all into a game plan.