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A. Take 20 minutes to work up to a heavy single clean and jerk. After reaching your max for today, do two drop sets of two reps each.

B. 5 rounds, rest 1:1 working time:

24 kettlebell swings

12 lunges per side with a KB pressed overhead (i.e. 12 lunges with KB in right hand, 12 with KB in left hand)

You may want to use different KBs for the swings and lunges.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the team workout this afternoon! It was great to see the newer people mixing it up with more experienced crossfitters. I know there was some apprehension on the part of the newbies, but hopefully that has been dissipated. We all get humbled by these workouts, regardless of our level of experience. I hope everyone had fun!

Enjoy the holidays!