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…Fran. Just kidding.

For those of you coming to the open gym tonight, here’s the workout:

A) 3-position snatch (shin, knee, high hang), 6 x 1 reps. (video). If you’re new to this movement, start high and go low.

B) 20 KB swings, 16 shoulder touches, 16 toes to bar (T2B)

15 KB swings, 10 shoulder touches, 10 T2B

10 KB swings, 6 shoulder touches, 6 T2B

Shoulder touches/wall runs (video). These can be done facing the wall or heels to the wall. They can be scaled to the pike or plank position. Aim for midline control.

Toes to bar can be scaled to knees-to-elbows, or hanging knee raises.