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2013-03-23 13.33.44The photo to the left is from Saturday’s class, and we have PRs (personal records) across the board. Granted, for some people this was their first exposure to the bench press, but hey, a PR is a PR. Well done!

A. Back squat – 1×5@75%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@85%, 3×1@90%;  rest 2 min.

I goofed on the percentages last week, so they were a bit higher than I originally intended. As a result, this week’s numbers are very similar to last weeks. We will test the back squat next week.

B. 3 rounds, not for time:

5 Single leg deadlifts  per side (with two weighted arms this time, and go heavy)

8 seated DB press (slow negative)

8 renegade rows (no pushup)

Note any strength imbalances side to side on the single-leg DL. We will do this movement again next week, and try to address the imbalances.

Here’s another video on squat mobility, and if you’re one of those people who have limited ankle movement (don’t make me name names!), this is something you might want to explore. Also do some poking around on the Mobility WOD website for other ankle videos, (or anything else, really), as it’s a treasure trove.


***Skipping ropes are in! Come and get ’em.***