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**This is just a reminder that morning and noon classes are cancelled Wed/Thurs/Fri this week.

A. Work up to heavy single push press, then do 3×3 @80% of that weight with slow (3-5 sec) negative (rest 1 min between sets).

B. For time:

3 rounds of: 20 DB front squats,  7 chest to bar pullups, 20 KB snatches (total, not per arm), then:

800 m row, then:

3 rounds of: 15 DB front squats, 5 C2B, 15 KB snatches (total, not per arm).

KB snatches can be partitioned to each arm however you like. If your squat isn’t particularly strong, consider scaling to air squats, but only if necessary. I might also consider scaling the reps of the front squat also. Jay will help you with this.