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This is just a reminder of our team workout this coming Monday (May 20) at 2 pm. It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular member, an On Ramper, or you are doing personal training. Come out and see what Jay has cooked up for us. The movements will be accessible to all (no snatches, muscle-ups, or triple-unders, etc.). Set aside 90 minutes or so for the whole event, as organizing a crowd can sometimes take a while. See you there!

Oh, and there may be tire flips. Don’t wear your favourite white shirt.


A. 1 rep max deadlift.

B. For time:

2 rounds of :

8 power cleans @ 70%

16 burpee tuck jumps

16 deadlifts (same bar as power cleans)

32 pushups

32 squat jumps; then

200 m farmer’s carry (KB or DB).

(i.e. The farmer’s carry is only done once at the very end of the workout.)