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Just a reminder that the people from Wildfire Farms are delivering meat orders in the CrossFit Steinbach parking lot tomorrow (May 22) at 7-7:15 pm. If you’ve placed an order, please plan to be here at that time to pick up and pay for your items.

A. Back squat – 1×5@75%, 2×3@80%, 1×3@85%, 3×1@90%

B. 3 rounds for time:

12 push press @60%

12 over-the-box jumps

12 pullups

12 hand release pushups


Here are a few photos from the awesome team workout yesterday. We had a record sixteen people packed into our modestly sized gym, and somehow made it all work. I think that’s a testament to what a team WOD is all about — working as a team. We even had a couple of On Rampers come out (and in one case, one who has not even technically started On Ramp) and brave what was surely a daunting workout for newbies, if not everyone else as well. Welcome Sarah and Bonnie!

As for the rest of you lot… well done. I’m proud of you all, and not just today. The hard work you put in has paid off, and will continue to do so. I hope busting your ass is just a little bit easier when you’re having fun.

Thanks to Jay for cooking this one up. It looked like a doozy.

Team WOD-12Team WOD-7Team WOD-1