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Ride-sharing... CF Steinbach style.

More photos from the July 1 team WOD: 1. Ride-sharing… CF Steinbach style.








Team WOD-6

2. Tiffaney, looking for her car keys the hard way.








A. Snatch balance – increase to working weight, then do three sets at that weight of: 2 snatch balance + 2 OH squats.

B. With a partner, for time:

Each person does 25 DB snatches per arm, then:

Row a total of 4000 m (partition as desired)

While one partner is rowing, the other is working on accumulating a team total of 120 pushups. If you are doing pushups on the floor, do hand release pushups.

***9 am classes are on starting this week, Monday and Wednesday.

***If you want to submit a skipping order, please let me know what you want by the end of this week. You should have gotten an e-mail about this late last week.