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2013-10-01 12.53.23

<–How cold is it, Janelle? At least I think that’s Janelle.








A. Front squat – 2×5@65%, 3×5@70%. These should not be particularly heavy, so really focus on flawless technique – high elbows, upright torso, etc.

B. 4 rounds for time:

8 single arm KB swings (per arm)

8 pistols (or split squats)

16 burpees.


***Apparently the quilt shop next door is participating in a “shop hop” tour of quilt shops for the rest of this week and through next week, so they have requested that we leave a few parking spots open in front of their entrance for that time period. If you can help them out with this and park elsewhere in the lot, that would be great. Thanks! ***