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<– That’s Evan, showing remarkable ingenuity in protecting his triceps. Or maybe he’s just taking the name “crow stand” and attempting to look more like a bird. We’re not sure. His form is impeccable, however.






A. Overhead squat – take 15 minutes to reach a heavy set of 3.

B. 3xME Sots press. Go for more reps per set than last week.

C. 10 minute AMRAP of:

10 mountain climbers (one rep = both legs)

10 ring rows

10 air squats.


***The quilt shop next door is participating in a “shop hop” tour of quilt shops all of this week, so they have requested that we leave a few parking spots open in front of their entrance for that time period. If you can help them out with this and park elsewhere in the lot, that would be great. Thanks! ***


If you can’t make it in to noon or evening classes this week, do some work at home. Possible skills to work on would include:

– Squats facing the wall

– Handstand/headstand technique work (holds, heel pulls, crow stand, etc.)

– Pistols (or modifications like the split squat)

– Push-ups – Work on external rotation of the shoulder, shoulder activation, 8 sets of 5 scap push-ups then a 5 second hold, etc.)

– Pull-ups – If you have somewhere to do these, work on scap pull-ups, negatives, chin-over-bar holds, etc.

– Olympic lifting technique and/or overhead squats with a broomstick.

– Single-arm overhead squats with a weight of any sort. For many people, a large water bottle will be quite challenging. This is an extremely challenging movement, and you don’t need much weight to be humbled. If that’s okay, try an overhead squat with a weight in each hand. This is a supreme test of squat mobility.

– Locomotion drills – Frog hop, bear crawl, crab walk, lizard walk, etc.

– MOBILITY. Every single day.

Google “Travel WODs” for a list of workouts requiring minimal equipment. Make up your own 10-15 minute AMRAP of bodyweight movements.