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A. Bench press – work up to a heavy set of 5.

B. 4 rounds for time:

15 wallballs

10 shuttle runs (there and back)

10 ring rows or pull-ups


Reminder: Wildfire Farms is making their drop-off tonight between 7 and 7:15. Please be sure to be at the gym at that time. You should probably have gotten a $ total by e-mail. I believe they take cheque, cash, and credit card. Enjoy!

November challenge: I’ve actually gotten a few requests for this movement, so while it may suck, I guess people do recognize the usefulness of it.

Here’s the outline. There are no equipment requirements, so complete on your own time. 

Week one – Tabata boat rockers; 3×12 boat rockers (try for unbroken); 2 sets max effort side plank (twice both sides).

Week two – Tabata boat rockers; 3×16 boat rockers (try for unbroken); 2 sets max effort side plank (twice both sides).

Week three – Tabata boat rockers; 3×20 boat rockers (try for unbroken); 2 sets max effort side plank (twice both sides).

Week four – Tabata boat rockers; 3×24 boat rockers (try for unbroken); 2 sets max effort side plank (twice both sides).

***UPDATE: I’ve had a lot of questions about the details of this, so I’ll clarify further. What I’ve laid out can be considered to be the bare minimum of work within one week. If you want to do the three (i.e. Tabata boat rockers, 12 boat rockers, side planks) ONCE during the week, that’s the minimum. Twice a week is better. Every day… well, you might just start to develop a nervous twitch every time someone says “Tabata boat rockers”, BUT you’ll get really good at them really fast. These are suggestions and ideas of stuff to try that I’m giving you. If you’ve got some glaring issues with the strength of certain movements and not others, work on your weaknesses. Do some research on your own. Do some homework. What we do at the gym is great, but I can’t program absolutely everything every person needs into a single workout, or even a week’s workouts. Take some responsibility. I wrote a note about this a while back, and perhaps it’s worth re-posting.  Here’s the link.


Boat rockers – Scale the movement as needed to the point you can maintain a good hollow body position. Stay with the same variation for the month unless it gets drastically easier. These are also called hollow rocks. Here’s a good video by Carl Paoli on how to get into the hollow body position. It doesn’t matter if you do the boat rockers with your legs straight or bent. The critical point, which Carl emphasizes, is the torso integrity.