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A. Back squat – 1×5 @ 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%.

B. “Grace” – 30 reps for time of ground-to-overhead at 135/95. This is a named CrossFit workout, and is typically done with a power clean followed by a push press or push jerk. Weights may be scaled.


**Here is an outline of the gym hours for the next two and a half weeks: 

Wed Dec 18th – 9 am and 12 noon classes are cancelled. We have a few groups of high school kids coming by for tours as part of a larger event the school is putting on. I think it’s put on by the Phys Ed department, and they are visiting various fitness and sports facilities around town. It’s a pretty cool idea, if you ask me.

Dec 23 – Regular hours

Dec 24, 25, 26 – Closed

Dec 27, 28, 30 – Regular hours

Dec 31 – Noon class ONLY.

Jan 1 – Team workout at 2 pm.

Regular classes resume Jan 2.